Student Requirements
$25 participation fee per sport. Prior to any middle school student’s participation in a tryout/sport, the school must have on record a current physician’s physical, parent permission and emergency card for athletic participation.

Eligibility All athletes are expected to comply with weekly eligibility rules. A weekly eligibility report will be collected. Athletes must complete 100% of all work/homework assigned with no incompletes or red assignments in Summit, demonstrate qualities of SUCCESS, be on track, not have more than 1 tardy per class and no behavior referrals.

It is the expectation that participants in the Nuggets/Avalanche Prep League will enjoy positive learning experiences with an emphasis on providing knowledge and skills necessary for them to develop into successful student-athletes.

Team Goals
Improve the ability of each athlete on the team. Heighten the integrity of the team with respect to developing skills and sportsmanship. Have Fun!

Athletic Director: Shana Wilhelm – 720.424.0750,