Girls Volleyball

Girls Volleyball

6th-grade girls volleyball coach Shauntavis Brigham  720-424-0700 Practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with homework club from 3:05 to 3:50 and Practice from 3:50-5:00.  Games will be tournament style on selected Saturdays

7th/8th-grade girls volleyball coach John Benyei 720-424-0700

Assistant Lauren Garcia

Are any girls interested in playing volleyball?  There will be an informational meeting on Friday, September 27th at lunch in the cafeteria with Mr. Benyei.  Volleyball tryouts will begin on Monday, September 30th from 3:05-4:30 in the East Gym with Mr. Benyei.

All students trying out for volleyball must have the parent permission, emergency contact and current doctors physical form filled out in order to try out. This form is located on the athletic board outside the main office.
Athletes that are selected for the team must pay a 25.00 pay to play athletic fee.

Practices will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:05-4:30



Date Away Team Home Team Location Time
10/15/19 Morey BVI BVI 4:00
10/29/19 Morey Lake Lake 4:00
11/1/19 Skinner Morey Morey 4:00
11/8/19 Morey Dora Moore Dora Moore 4:00
11/12/19 Morey Skinner Skinner 4:00
11/13/19 Lake Morey Morey 4:00
11/18/19 Morey Denver West West HS 4:00
12/3/19 Playoffs Begin TBD TBD 4:00

Playoffs Begin 11/26/18

6th Grade Instructional Volleyball League

Mission:  To introduce our 6th graders to volleyball in an instructional environment that will allow for the development of basic fundamental skills.

Focus: serving, passing, and ensuring that all kids have an opportunity to participate.

Goals: consistent serves and controlled passes that allow for rallies, attempting to get three consistent contacts on each side of the court – a controlled pass to the set position, a bump set (or hand- set), and a bump (or hit) over the net.

NFHS rules will be followed to govern play with the following exceptions:

Game length:  each game will be a timed 10 minute game with a running clock.  Each match will consist of 3 games (if a single court system is being used) or 4 games (if multiple nets are being used at a single site).

Substitutions:  unlimited substitution will be allowed.  At dead balls – substitutes will run on and off the court (quickly – since this is a running clock).

Scoring:  there is no score kept – a game is completed when 10 minutes have expired.

Service:  each player is allowed to serve a maximum of three times and then it is an automatic side out and the other team gets the ball and rotates to their next server.  If there is a natural side out prior to the third serve – the serve goes to the opponent and they rotate to their next server.