Collaborative School Leadership Team

Dear Morey Family Member:

Every school within the Denver Public School District has a Collaborative School Committee (CSC) in place.  The CSC brings together staff, parents, students, and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement within the school. At Morey, as part of our innovation plan, we have combined the teacher-centric School Leadership Team with the Collaborative School Committee to create the Collaborative School Leadership Team (CSLT).

Being a part of the CSLT is an exciting opportunity to be involved in our school community, not to mention to participate in the education of all our students.  Our school is working towards some great goals and we believe that by working together, we can achieve them! Because we want our school to be a successful environment for all children, we want parents who represent both HGT and non-HGT identified students from multiple grade levels.

This year we have 1 opening on our CSLT.  We meet on the third Wednesday of every month from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and will have a few extra meetings during the month of February through April for budget and staffing.  We ask that CSLT members participate in the meetings and commit to being a member for two years, or one year where it applies.

If you are interested in your name being placed on the ballot for one of the parent openings, please fill out the nomination form included in this post and return it to the main office by Monday, September 11.

Download the CSLT nomination form here.

Transportation, Pick-Up, Drop-Off, and Morey Neighborhood Center

Morey Community,

We have had a very successful first three days at Morey in our classrooms, cafeteria, recess space, and hallways, and we are feeling very good about those aspects of the start of the school year. We have noticed some hiccups in other areas and would like to update our community on them.


It is always tricky at the start of the school year to normalize routes and ensure that everyone has the correct information. We have noticed that some of the buses showing up do not always reflect the route numbers on student communications from DPS Transportation. Like you, we are working to understand and to clarify. If you have questions, please reach out to Transportation directly at 720-423-4600.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Over the summer, some of our very well-meaning partners made some changes to the parking and busing zones around Morey with the assumption that we were involved in those conversations, which we were not. As a result, we have given you incorrect information regarding where and how to park and/or drop off and pick up your child. We apologize for any frustration you may feel, and empathize heavily.

  • Clarkson St is now marked entirely for parking for anyone at any time. This was apparently added to accommodate additional staff parking at Morey Campus; however, there is no indication that it is only to be used by Morey Campus staff during the school day. As a result, parking is often limited there.
  • 14th Avenue is now entirely zoned for bus drop-off and pick-up. Again, this is zoned for school bus use only. This is new to us, as we have always asked parents to use 14th to park and visit the school, or to pick up or drop off their children. Please do not park here, as you may be ticketed.
  • Emerson has limited passenger loading only spots south of the northeast corner of Emerson and 14th. South of the north staff parking lot is zoned for unlimited parking by anyone.
  • 13th Avenue is now zoned for unlimited parking by anyone.

We are not satisfied by this arrangement, as there are very few areas to pick up and drop off, but this is what is zoned at this time. We are working closely with Transportation and the City of Denver to correct the situation, and we are pleased to have their understanding and assistance. Thank you for your understanding, and you can reach out to Principal Tonk if you have questions or concerns that were not addressed by this message.

Morey Neighborhood Center is now hosted in the cafeteria, and has a new wireless doorbell on the Clarkson side near the community garden, where the DSISD entrance is. As the Morey office closes at 4 PM, this means you will no longer be able to ring the Morey doorbell in order to gain access to pick up your child after school. There will be signs posted at each door to this effect; these signs will also have a phone number to use to contact the Center.