Morey’s Innovation Plan: What Will School Look Like?

Greetings! We are so excited to present the draft vision for our Innovation Plan! The last details of the plan itself (over 110 pages!) are still being finalized, but in the meantime, we welcome you to view our Executive Summary and a narrative covering a day in the life of a Morey student, two years or so into the phased rollout of the plan. Lastly, we would very much appreciate if you would provide letters of support for this plan in order to ensure that the Board hears your voice when we file our application in May. We have provided a guide for these letters below, and we ask that any letters be provided to Morey by April 20.

Presentation, Accompanied by Audio:

Morey’s Innovation Plan: Executive Summary

Morey’s Innovation Plan: A Day in the Life of a Morey Student

Morey’s Innovation Plan: Letter of Support Guide