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Summer Communications 2017

Parents and Caregivers,

We are currently not allowed in our school due to construction on campus, so we are attempting to find a printer to use to mail these materials out. In the meantime, please read the following documents for information on supplies, our summer reading assignment, schedule distribution, important fall dates, frequently asked questions, and more!

Summer Letter:


Summer Reading Assignment:


Supply List 2017:


Summer Reading Assignment Updated!

The new Summer Reading Assignment details have been uploaded to the website and can be found here.

New Vision & Mission for 2017-18 and Beyond

At Morey, we build on every child’s unique gifts so each person becomes a self-directed, socially conscious, educated member of our diverse community, both inside and outside of the classroom.

At Morey, learning is personalized, supportive, rooted in social justice, and integrated within our local community.

Our students learn in a diverse and inclusive school that supports students of all backgrounds, identities, interests, and abilities to foster their unique gifts. We offer a highly personalized and rigorous educational program, support social skills, and develop emotional intelligence within a safe and affirming environment. With a focus on real world application, our education program is driven by student interests informed by relevant social justice issues and heightened through experiences outside the classroom.

Our families and community experience an open and welcoming school connected to greater Denver through the intentional integration of community members within a broader social justice curriculum, through transparent communication, and by honoring each family’s vision and hopes for their children.

Our staff is continuously cultivating our skills, passion, and connection to this school community through a willingness to explore new ideas and techniques, targeted professional learning, time spent building our team together, and an honest focus on equity.

At Morey, we expect MORE. We endeavor to develop Motivated, Organized, Respectful and Empathetic students.

School Goals for 2017-18

  • Develop and implement differentiated/personalized instructional practices.
  • Develop a school culture that supports an environment where students can drive their own learning.
  • Teachers will implement best practices for gifted education in every classroom, with a particular focus upon differentiation and rigor.

Final Innovation Plan & Board Vote

Our final innovation status application can be found here: https://drive.google.com/…/0B150j-Qi2OQXbnpyZHZfeENnc…/view….

100% of staff present for the vote on Wednesday, May 31 voted in favor of the plan (although the vote will go down as 89.5% due to one staff member in the ER and one on maternity leave). 100% of our Collaborative School Committee voted to support the plan on Thursday, June 1.

Next step is the Board Meeting on Monday, June 12 for the Board Presentation, followed by the official vote on Monday, June 19. Please consider coming to support us at the Board meeting! Emails of support are also strongly encourage. Please send those to noah_tonk@dpsk12.org.

Summer is here!

Well, the classrooms are packed, the grades are posted, and the last student got on the bus yesterday. It was amazing, as usual, to watch our 8th graders participate in Continuation on Wednesday night. This was Principal Tonk’s first group of 6th graders, and it was so fulfilling to watch them become young adults. We wish them the best, and we wish you a wonderful summer break.

Please remember that the school is completely closed for construction from now until August 14. David Ankele will still be able to get your messages through June 30, and after that no one will be around to respond to messages officially until July 24.

Principal Tonk is still working officially until June 16, and can respond to questions or concerns until then. Due to the lack of a real office during that time, you are encouraged to email him at noah_tonk@dpsk12.org if you need an answer to a question, or send us a Facebook message at http://www.facebook.com/morefrommorey.

Thank you for an amazing school year!