Summer is here!

Well, the classrooms are packed, the grades are posted, and the last student got on the bus yesterday. It was amazing, as usual, to watch our 8th graders participate in Continuation on Wednesday night. This was Principal Tonk’s first group of 6th graders, and it was so fulfilling to watch them become young adults. We wish them the best, and we wish you a wonderful summer break.

Please remember that the school is completely closed for construction from now until August 14. David Ankele will still be able to get your messages through June 30, and after that no one will be around to respond to messages officially until July 24.

Principal Tonk is still working officially until June 16, and can respond to questions or concerns until then. Due to the lack of a real office during that time, you are encouraged to email him at if you need an answer to a question, or send us a Facebook message at

Thank you for an amazing school year!

Bell Schedule for Friday, June 2

Friday, June 2 is a half day. All bus routes will drop off students approximately three hours earlier than usual.

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Important Information for 8th Grade Families

Greetings parents and guardians of our 8th grade students!

Please read this entire post, as it contains extremely important information regarding your student’s last week of school. This information can also be found on our school website.

On Tuesday, 8th graders who are on track for attendance, academics, and behavior are attending Elitch Gardens for their end-of-year celebration. Off-track students will be working independently at school to complete make-up hours and missing assignments to get back on track for the Continuation ceremony. Many 8th graders have still not turned in their Elitch Gardens permission slips and $35 fees and must do turn it in or contact the school for financial assistance by 4 PM on Friday, May 26.

Continuation practice at East High School is mandatory and will begin promptly at 9 AM on Wednesday, May 31 at East High School. Students will be walking to East High School from Morey, but may arrive at East no later than 9 AM without going to Morey first if they choose. Students who do not attend Continuation practice will not be allowed to participate in the Continuation ceremony. After the practice, students are required to return to Morey, but may go home without any attendance penalty with a permission slip available in the main office. Please remember that participation in Continuation is a privilege, and depends upon students having taken the initiative to earn that privilege through coming to school, working hard, and making good decisions, or by making up work or putting in the time to earn that privilege back. School leaders will be making phone calls home on Friday to families with 8th graders who are in danger of not participating in Continuation. Please make sure your contact information listed with the school is correct.

Next Wednesday night, May 31, the East auditorium doors will open at 6 PM, and all on-track 8th graders are required to be there and in their correct seats no later than 6:15 PM. I look forward to shaking the hands of each and every one of your amazing kids next Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.

Principal Noah Tonk

Morey Innovation Plan for Community Review

Morey Community:

We thank you for your support as we worked this year to redesign school as we know it at Morey, based on your input and upon student data. Today, we submitted the following document for review before we put it to our staff and CSC for a final vote and then submit it to the Board for a vote in June. Please feel free to review what education will look like at Morey, with a three-year phase-in, starting in August.

Morey’s Innovation Plan: What Will School Look Like?

Greetings! We are so excited to present the draft vision for our Innovation Plan! The last details of the plan itself (over 110 pages!) are still being finalized, but in the meantime, we welcome you to view our Executive Summary and a narrative covering a day in the life of a Morey student, two years or so into the phased rollout of the plan. Lastly, we would very much appreciate if you would provide letters of support for this plan in order to ensure that the Board hears your voice when we file our application in May. We have provided a guide for these letters below, and we ask that any letters be provided to Morey by April 20.

Presentation, Accompanied by Audio:

Morey’s Innovation Plan: Executive Summary

Morey’s Innovation Plan: A Day in the Life of a Morey Student

Morey’s Innovation Plan: Letter of Support Guide


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