Parent/Community Member Interest for CSLT 2020-21

Every school has a governance committee, usually called a Collaborative School Committee (CSC). As a small innovation school, Morey combines CSC with the School Leadership Team (SLT) to form the School Collaborative Leadership Team (CSLT). The CSLT essential duties will consist of:

  • Acting as the main school accountability committee
  • Provide recommendations to the principal for how to spend school money
  • Advise the principal and Instructional Superintendent on the preparation and contents of the School Improvement Plan
  • Advise the Board of Education on the preparation and contents of the school priority improvement plan or turnaround plan, if required
  • Provide recommendations to the District Accountability Committee and the Instructional Superintendent regarding the school principal’s development plans and principal evaluation
  • Lead the principal selection process, as outlined in the school’s leadership success plan
  • Increase the level of parent engagement in the school

Morey is looking for 3 Morey parents and 1 community member to join CSLT next year. Meetings will be held once a month, usually in the evenings. If we have more than 3 parents or more than 1 community member interested, we’ll hold an “election.”

Please submit your information if you’re interested in serving on the committee next year by 3:00 pm Friday, 5/22.

Parent application:

Community Member application: