Principal’s Thanksgiving Message

Morey Community:

This is a time of year when we gather to give thanks, and the Morey community has a great deal to give thanks for this year:

  • Enrollment that is higher than DPS projections
  • Projected enrollment for next year that is higher than this year’s projections
  • Strong growth on our student and parent surveys from last year
  • Strong performance on the 2015-16 CMAS, including being one of only a few schools to see a rise in growth scores from the last time we had a growth score calculated (13-14)
  • Parent tour groups that are two and three times larger than tour groups were last year
  • Student Council members that are driven to engage in acts of social justice in our community
  • A school quality review that we opted into that went very positively for Morey
  • Service learning day that worked to put together food baskets for Morey families who are not as fortunate as others
  • Staff members who are fiercely driven to engage our students in the forging of powerful, supportive relationships in order to build a foundation where education can occur
  • The passing of the DPS bond and mill levy, resulting in a program to install classroom-by-classroom air conditioning solutions plus $2.6 million in renovations for the Morey Campus

This Thursday, many of us will travel distances both long and short to share a meal and fellowship with friends and extended members of our families. It is important to remember that not all members of our community are fortunate enough to have this experience. Some of us are mourning the loss of loved ones or are struggling to put basic food items on the table. While Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity for us to come together to give thanks for all that we have, it is also an opportunity for us to demonstrate the Morey value of Empathy for those who do not have as much as we have. When we return from Fall Break, Morey will kick off a “Mustang Tree” drive to fulfill wishes for families who need our community support during the holidays. Once we put up the Tree, you are welcome to come in to the school, take a “wish” from the Tree, and help make a Morey family’s holiday that much better through your generosity.

Lastly, it is critical as we gather with our families to remember that, much like our nation that often seems so bitterly divided lately, the Morey community has far more in common than it does otherwise. We all want the best for our children, we all want our children to be safe, and we all want our children to come to school and be loved and engage in opportunities to grow academically and emotionally. We are one school, one community, with similar hopes and dreams for our kids.

This week, most of all, I give thanks for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

– Principal Noah Tonk