Summer is here!

Well, the classrooms are packed, the grades are posted, and the last student got on the bus yesterday. It was amazing, as usual, to watch our 8th graders participate in Continuation on Wednesday night. This was Principal Tonk’s first group of 6th graders, and it was so fulfilling to watch them become young adults. We wish them the best, and we wish you a wonderful summer break.

Please remember that the school is completely closed for construction from now until August 14. David Ankele will still be able to get your messages through June 30, and after that no one will be around to respond to messages officially until July 24.

Principal Tonk is still working officially until June 16, and can respond to questions or concerns until then. Due to the lack of a real office during that time, you are encouraged to email him at if you need an answer to a question, or send us a Facebook message at

Thank you for an amazing school year!