Family Welcome Letter – August 2022

Hello Mustang Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful summer and we welcomes you to the 2022-23 school year.

Please see this letter for information about the start of the new year.

We are excited to see you all in a few short weeks.

Summer Family Letter

Hello Morey Families,

Ms. Niebauer sent out this letter to families. If you did not receive our summer letter or are new to our Morey community, please find information below.

Have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you again in August.

Cuts to Transportation Beginning in School Year 2023-24

Dear Morey Families,

Beginning in 2023, most DPS schools will have new bell times that align with the Board of Education’s Healthy Start Times (HST) resolution. The resolution calls for middle schools and high schools to start no earlier than 8:20 a.m. each school day to support healthy sleep habits in adolescents. Feedback and data collected throughout the district on bell times and impacts on transportation were weighed against each other to develop an outcome that streamlined future bell times and allowed space for equity in the approach to transportation cuts. 

The determination of which routes were cut or reduced was made by identifying the current number of students using each route followed by the percentage of Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) riders assigned to each route. 

Based on this process, Morey will keep HGT transportation services in the Southwest, Central, and Far Northeast regions only. Students who receive transportation services through their Individualized Education Plans (1066 forms) will maintain their transportation. All other remaining routes will be cut, beginning in the 2023-24 school year. Routes to the Near Northeast (including Park Hill & Central Park), Northwest, South Central, and Southeast will be cut in 2023-24.

Below is a list of current stops in each protected region. Bus stops do change year-to-year based on enrollment, but this is a good idea of the stops that will remain in 2023-24: 

  • Far Northeast Routes Remaining:
    • Florida Pitt Waller
    • Dr. MLK
    • Noel Campus
  • Southwest Routes Remaining:
    • Kepner Campus
    • Kunsmiller
    • Henry Campus
  • Central Routes Remaining: 
    • 3600 Race St
    • 38th and Delgany St
    • Gilpin Campus

Our current bell times are 9:10 – 4:10. Next year (2022-23) bell times are moving to 8:50 am – 3:50 pm. Starting in August 2023, bell times will shift back to 9:10 am – 4:10 pm. 

I understand these changes may impact your family, and we are committed to working together to make this transition more manageable. Morey is already working with PTO to strengthen our Regional Community Cohorts (RCCs). These RCCs were originally created to connect Morey families living in the different regions of Denver by hosting fun events so kids and families can meet one another. These RCCs will be critical in the coming years in creating carpooling options for those families most impacted by transportation cuts. If you are interested in joining an RCC, please fill out this form at We also plan to expand before-school care and offer after-school care for families who need more flexible time options. 

I encourage you to take the DPS Your Voice/Tu Voz survey, available beginning May 2. The survey will include questions on how the new bell times will impact you and your family. DPS will use the information to help prioritize solutions to those impacts.  DPS Family and Community Engagement will also be holding a series of community meetings to discuss these impacts in-person and virtually beginning on Tuesday, May 3. You can find information for those meetings on the HST webpage.

Thank you again for your time and patience as we make these changes to support our students’ health and success and move toward implementing Healthy Start Times beginning in August 2023.

Hillary Niebauer

Morey Middle School

8th Grade Continuation

Morey’s Continuation Ceremony for 8th graders will be held on Tuesday, May 31st. In order to participate in the Continuation ceremony, students must finish the school year On Track for academics, behavior, and attendance. In order to provide notice of these requirements, during classes this week we announced Continuation Contracts. These contracts must be signed and returned to school by Tuesday, March 2nd. A copy of the Continuation Contract is available here.

Morey’s Virtual Open House

Dear Prospective Families,

We thank you for taking the time to get to know Morey Middle School through our virtual open house. Please feel free to review the website and move through the resources at your own pace. On this website you will find videos on content offered at Morey, as well as clubs, activities, organizations and testimonials on the student experience.

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