Staff Directory

ANDERSON, TAYLOR 720-424-0769 Team Lead Language Arts
BENYEI, JOHN 720-424-0729 Social Worker
BERRIOS, NATINA 720-424-0770 CSO
BLAKEY, KARA  720-424-0732 Language Arts
BRUCE, EMILY 720-424-0753 Language Arts
BURROWS, ROBYN 720-424-0751 Health
CARTER, ALMA 720-424-0763 MI-A Para
CLARK, CASSI 720-424-0752 Senior Team Lead Language Arts
DIAZ, ROSE 720-424-0715 Cafeteria Manager
DOYLE, ALISON  720-424-0765 Math
FERNANDO, CHRISTINA  720-424-0766  Math
FIZ, ROBERTA (BERTIE) 720-424-0706 H/GT Specialist
GARCIA, LAUREN 720-424-0761 Drama
GREER, SOPHIA 720-424-0741 GA Pera
HENDERSON, KIMBERLY 720-424-0768 Education Specialist
HARPER, JORDAN 720-424-0741 GA/Math Para
HOGAN, MATTHEW 720-424-0763 MI-A Para
JONES, REILLEY 720-424-0739 Math
KLEBBA, SHARON 720-424-0763 Education Specialist
LANDEN, DANIELLE 720-424-0764 Social Studies
LUNGER, MATT 720-424-0793 Dean of Culture
MARQUEZ, DOROTHY 720-424-0720 Facililties Manager
MOHR, KATIE 720-424-0707 Office Support
NIEBAUER, HILLARY 720-424-0713 Principal
NURSE 720-424-0709 Nurse
PHILLIPS, CASIE 720-424-0763 MI-A Para
PROCHNOW, LEAH 720-424-0703 Office Support
ROBERTS, MONIQUE (MJ) 720-424-0724 Assistant Principal
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL 720-424-0708 Computer Tech
ROTH, MARYANN 720-424-0755 STEM
STEWART, CASSIE 720-424-0738 Math
STEWART, MARTHA 720-424-0767 Math
STICKA, DANIELLE 720-424-0733 Language Arts
TATUM, KRISTA  720-424-0721 Science
THOMAS, EVAN 720-424-0759 Social Studies
TRUJILLO, AMY 720-424-0760 Director of Science
TZANOS, GIANNIS 720-424-0725 Psychologist (Wednesdays)
URSPRUNG, JESSICA 720424-0765 Education Specialist
VALDEZ, ARTHUR 720-424-0723 RJ Coodinator
VARNEY, ABEL 720-424-0734 Science/Social Studies
WATSON, MEREDITH 720-424-0712 Speech/Language Pathologist
WEYLAND, TUCK  720-424-0731 Art Teacher
WILHELM, SHANA 720-424-0719 Physical Education/Athletic Director