Congratulations to Morey’s 2020 Freemason Teacher of the Year recipients: Taylor Anderson & Amy Trujillo!

Order Morey School Supplies Through Edu-Kit

Consider ordering your child’s school supplies through EduKit. These items will be delivered to your home. Donating supplies for other families through the ordering process is also an option.

Please click on the word EduKit to learn more on their website.

Parent/Community Member Interest for CSLT 2020-21

Every school has a governance committee, usually called a Collaborative School Committee (CSC). As a small innovation school, Morey combines CSC with the School Leadership Team (SLT) to form the School Collaborative Leadership Team (CSLT). The CSLT essential duties will consist of:

  • Acting as the main school accountability committee
  • Provide recommendations to the principal for how to spend school money
  • Advise the principal and Instructional Superintendent on the preparation and contents of the School Improvement Plan
  • Advise the Board of Education on the preparation and contents of the school priority improvement plan or turnaround plan, if required
  • Provide recommendations to the District Accountability Committee and the Instructional Superintendent regarding the school principal’s development plans and principal evaluation
  • Lead the principal selection process, as outlined in the school’s leadership success plan
  • Increase the level of parent engagement in the school

Morey is looking for 3 Morey parents and 1 community member to join CSLT next year. Meetings will be held once a month, usually in the evenings. If we have more than 3 parents or more than 1 community member interested, we’ll hold an “election.”

Please submit your information if you’re interested in serving on the committee next year by 3:00 pm Friday, 5/22.

Parent application:

Community Member application:

Join the DPS District Accountability Committee

DAC Flyer_2020

Welcome Ali Doyle Morey’s New Math Senior Team Lead

Hello! My name is Alison Doyle, and I’ll be joining Morey as a new math teacher and STL. I have 6 years of teaching experience, starting my career in Virginia, and then moving to Colorado. I am coming to Morey from Hill Campus of Arts & Science, in DPS.


I grew up and attended college in the same town of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, I got my first job in Virginia. While teaching 8th grade math, I attended University of Virginia, where I received my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Two years ago, my boyfriend got relocated for his job to Denver, which is how I ended up out here. My love of hiking, skiing, (and now snowshoeing) made this big move much easier, as I feel right at home.


I am so excited to join Morey, as I’ve already heard such great things about the staff and students. I look forward to meeting you and working together next school year!

Remote Learning at Morey Starts Today

Please see the attached letter for information on the remote learning plan for Morey students. Remote learning begins tomorrow and there is a video announcement for the students in the letter explaining how we’ll do remote learning. Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!