Vegetables from Morey Garden

Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Greens: Oh my!

Good News Morey Community:

The gardeners from DUG (Denver Urban Gardens) who garden all summer at the Morey garden plots are sharing their harvests with us.

Every Saturday beginning August 8th, come harvest some fresh veggies for yourself. ALL Morey families, staff and volunteers are welcome!  There is plenty of produce so please stop by even if you just want a couple items. There will be a helper to assist you. Bring a bag (gloves if you wish.) Please practice social distancing to keep us all safe!

Time: 8-10 am-Every Saturday through mid-October.
Place: Gardens at Morey Middle School-Clarkson side
Who: Everyone in the Morey Community

For questions contact Kirsten Barnard


Morey Return to Learning Family Update Letter





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July 24, 2020


Dear Morey Families:


As we begin to plan for the new school year, we are getting up-to-the-minute updates from Denver Public Schools officials. Here is what we know so far, including some very important changes, about the new school year:


Opting Into 100% Virtual or In-Person Learning:

During registration this year, families will opt into the 100% virtual program or the hybrid/in-person program. 


100% Virtual Learning: The current thinking is that schools will manage BOTH in-person learning and virtual learning as long as there’s enough teachers. If we don’t have enough teachers, there’s a small chance virtual learning may be done with another teacher in the region. (More information on structure of virtual classroom below)


Students will stay in virtual learning for at least the first semester. Any student opting into virtual learning will remain on Morey’s roster and will keep their seat for the following year. 


In-Person: Students will begin in-person learning with remote instruction from Morey teachers for at least two weeks. The earliest students would return to the building for in-person learning is Tuesday, September 8th.  (Structure of in-person learning below)


Hybrid Learning: It is likely that when in-person learning is deemed safe, students will first transition into the building with a hybrid learning schedule. Students will go 2 days in the building, engage in independent learning the other 2 days. The fifth day is reserved for intervention in-person instruction for students with the highest needs. 


Moving Between Virtual and In-Person: A student will stay with their first choice of 100% virtual or hybrid/in-person until at least the end of December. If a student requests to move from virtual to in-person, parents will go through a transfer process if there’s space left in the in-person classes.


In-Person Learning at Morey:

Cohorts: To minimize the risk of students interacting with others, all in-person students will be placed in a learning cohort. Depending on how many students opt into in-person will dictate the size of the in-person cohort. It could be 15 students to 30 students in a classroom. 


One Classroom: The students will stay in one classroom all day to minimize exposure to other students. Content teachers will travel to different cohorts so the students will receive live, in-person instruction from content experts. We just learned that teachers can only see 2-3 sets of students per day. Due to this health requirement, we will have to determine which 2-3 teachers will lead live instruction each day. We will communicate the new thinking in the coming weeks. Health guidelines dictate that lunch is in the classroom. We will try to provide 1 – 2 recess breaks outside for kids each day. Our electives will be on a quarterly basis. Students will still receive all four electives in the course of the school year.


Sample Schedule:

6 – 1 Cohort – Room 103
Period 1 Ms. Clark Advisory
Period 2 Ms. Clark Language Arts
Recess Ms. Clark Recess Break Outside
Period 3 Mr. Ahern Math
Period 4 Mr. Ahern Lunch
Period 5 Mr. Ball STEM
Recess Mr. Ball Recess Break Outside
Period 6 Mr. Ball Virtual Science lesson led by Ms. Trujillo


Virtual Instruction: 


Key Principles:

  • Instruction will occur digitally through synchronous (live) and interactive instruction which will include scheduled classes at specific times on a daily basis. 
  • There will be a live lesson for each class period, each day between 9 – 11 am and 12 – 2pm. 
  • A virtual lesson has 30 minutes of “instruction” and 30 minutes of “critical practice”. The critical practice is a time where teachers give students feedback, push deeper thinking, answer student questions, etc. Critical practice replaces our old language from last year called “office hours.” 
  • If students are unable to attend the live lessons, they are recorded and posted each day to the Summit Learning Platform. Students can access those lessons after the live lesson is posted.
  • Students will be assigned work for each class period. This work is due during the class period, or is assigned for completion during independent practice.
  • Students may get an additional hour of virtual instruction for intervention if deemed necessary. 


Sample Virtual Schedule: 

Class Critical Practice
Period 1 

(Language Arts)

9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00
Period 2 (Drama) 10:15-10:45 10:45-11:15
Period 3 (Science) 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:00
Period 4 (Math) 1:10-1:40 1:40-2:10

(for those assigned)

2:10 – 3:00


Important Transportation Changes


No buses for Morey: With the health guidelines, buses can only transfer 33% of its capacity. So DPS can only transport 33% of its students to school and back home each day. This week DPS will announce that secondary schools will not receive transportation, unless they are a newcomer center or a TNLI school. Only students in Ms. Klebba’s center classroom will be given busing at Morey. This has a huge impact on Morey families, as many students come from all of the city to our school and rely on the yellow school bus. I have spoken to many people and advocated that our magnet students should qualify for an exception, but there just isn’t enough buses and my requests were denied.


Carpools & RTD: Mr. Lunger is trying to coordinate carpools for our families wanting to attend in-person who cannot get the yellow school bus this year. We’ll send out more information with carpool applications and sites. DPS is also partnering with RTD to get passes for secondary students to utilize city transportation.


School Day Time Changes: 


Bell Schedule: As of now, the Morey day for in-person learning is 7:40 am to 2:58 pm. With teachers teaching classes throughout the day and covering lunches in their classrooms, we have asked to either have a late start or early release to allow teachers 45 minutes of planning time. Elementary schools are shortening their day to give teachers planning time, and we will hear if our request is granted and what our official hours will be in mid-August.


First Day of School: DPS pushed back the first day of school by a week, so all students (regardless of starting virtual or opting into in-person) will begin August 24th.  


Health Guardrails:

To maximize safety of our students, there are number of health systems that will be implemented for in-person learners:

  • All adults and students will get a temperature and symptoms check when arriving at the building. Students/staff with a temperature of 100.4 or above will need to be picked up from school.
  • All adults and students are required to wear masks or face shields when on school grounds, with the exception of time for eating or other designated “mask break” that would take place outside. 
  • Student movement will be limited in the building. Students will remain with their cohort groups throughout the day and will not transition between classrooms. 
  • Students will be required to wash hands twice daily and the building will be sanitized by our facilities staff nightly. 
  • Students will not have access to lockers for the 2020-21 school year. 
  • Lunch and breakfast will continue to be served for all students, however food will be consumed in classrooms or outside to prevent mixing of cohorts. 
  • If a student or staff tests positive, the cohort will move to remote for 14 days. If a student or staff has been in close and/or prolonged contact with someone who has tested positive, the cohort will move to remote for a minimum of 3 days to allow for additional disinfecting and monitoring. Staff and students that are sick will not be permitted to return to school until they are healthy. 
  • Air conditioning will be on in the building, however the use of portable fans and swamp coolers is prohibited to inhibit the spread of the virus. 


Timely Registration is Critical: 

Registration for families begins July 27th and goes through August 7th. At this point you will make the decision to go 100% virtual or hybrid/in-person for Morey. Online registration is strongly encouraged to ensure the health and safety of Morey community members. 


Online Registration Process:

Beginning July 27, families will make a final selection and enroll in either in-person learning or a virtual program as part of our school’s registration process. The fastest, most convenient way to officially enroll is through Annual Family Update*, the online registration process. For more information on Annual Family Update, visit, or contact our front desk directly at 720-424-0700.


If you need a step-by-step guide for how to register, see this Family Navigation Guide document. 


*Note: If you already took part in Annual Family Update, that means you have not yet officially enrolled in one of the two options for the fall semester. To do so, you will need to fill out a registration addendum form, available through our school, or by contacting Enrollment Services at 720-423-3493.


If you cannot register your child online, please email Katie Mohr as soon as possible at or call 720-424-0707 to receive a paper packet by mail or set up an appointment to walk-in register


We will create student groupings for in-person and virtual classes once all students have officially registered. 


HGT Learning in Remote:


  • Students will be assigned to a cohort of HGT learners/peers. HGT cohorts will use math placement suggestions from their 2019-2020 math teacher to determine cohorts. If you would like to know specifics about this placement, please contact Morey’s HGT Coordinator, Bertie Fiz at
  • HGT cohort classes will be accelerated as in a normal year. Proper pacing and lesson development will align with the needs of the particular students in the class. Bertie will work with teachers in these classrooms to ensure that teachers know each student’s academic strengths, interests and social/emotional needs. 
  • ALP goals will be created through student facing lessons and via collaborative parent conversations. You can look forward to a call or virtual meeting with Bertie towards the beginning of the school year to ensure quality collaboration with Morey.
  • Should the student have learning challenges, our special education and support staff will work with your child as needed.
  • Depending on a child’s specific social or emotional growth areas, students may receive additional support through meeting with Bertie.


After-School Clubs and Care:

Once hybrid/in-person instruction resumes, we are allowed to have students engage in limited after-school activities. 


Sports: It has not yet been communicated if Fall sports are offered this year. We are anticipating that if they are allowed, and if a student opts into virtual learning, students can still participate in Morey sports.


Study Buddies: The after school club, Study Buddies, will run until 5:30pm Monday through Friday for our hybrid/in-person learners. Students will remain in groups of no more than 15 students and 1 teacher. Students and staff participating in this programming are required to follow the district health guidelines for COVID-19. Program enrollment cannot exceed 45 students and will operate under a first come, first serve basis. The program’s monthly cost is $75. 


History Colorado: History Colorado will connect virtually with students until we are able to resume hybrid/in-person learning. The programming is capped at a roster of 15 students and is required to follow the district health guidelines for COVID-19. The program will cost $30 per semester. Families who qualify for Free and Reduced lunch will receive a 50% discount. Students who are History Colorado members will receive $5 off each semester’s membership fee. History Colorado will meet virtually with students until we resume in-person learning.


Other Clubs & Activities: Alliance Française, Spanish Club, Science Matters, Colorado Honors Band will continue through a virtual platform this Fall. These clubs come with fees set by the vendor. 


There will be more updates on Demolay and Gardening Club at the beginning of the school year. 


Homeless Encampment on Morey Grounds: 

We hear the city has made progress on identifying multiple sanctuary sites in the city to move the unhoused residents surrounding the school. City officials said the Morey campers will be the first to relocate. They have said camps should be moved by August 1st. 


Food Service and Distribution: 


Denver Public Schools continue to offer free weekday breakfast and lunch to students and families in need at Grab-and-Go sites throughout the city until circumstances change. DPS is not able to provide transportation to the Grab-and-Go sites. For more information go to


Technology Return: 


If your device is broken or unused, please return it via mail free of charge at this link. Once we receive your returned device, we will contact you about a replacement device. Returning devices will minimize replacement costs and support other students who need access to technology. For questions about this process, please call 720-423-3163.


Hillary Niebauer


Morey Middle School



REMINDER: Morey School Supplies

Last Chance for ordering school supplies from Edukit:


Order by JULY 28 2020.


Will be delivered to your home.  This year part of the kit goes to the home while the part teachers will need in classrooms goes to the school.  Here’s the link to buy edukit


Contact Kirsten Barnard with questions-

Summer Morey Family Letter 2020

June 29, 2020 

Dear Morey Families: 

We are so excited to welcome you and your student to school this August! 

Registration: is currently set for Thursday, August 6th and Friday, August 7th. This year, you can do all of your registering online, including verifying student information, paying school fees, ordering PE uniforms, etc. We encourage everyone to register online this year and will send out clear steps on how to register in late July. If you must do in-person registration, you can come to Morey August 6 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm or August 7 from 8:00 – 11:00 am. If attending in-person registration, social distancing guidelines will be implemented and masks must be worn while in-building. 

In-Person & Remote Learning: Last week, Denver Public Schools announced a plan to return to full, in-person learning with health precautions in place for students and staff in August. This plan was developed in response to guidance provided the Metro Denver Partnership for Health. 

The school district will also provide an option for completely online learning for grades K-12 in order to support students who prefer not to return to school in-person. DPS is requesting that all families complete a survey by July 10th related to interest in on-line learning and transportation needs. This survey can be found at:

As so many are impacted by the pandemic, Morey’s PTO has a mobile resource center for families in need. Please fill out this survey if you need support. 

Back-to-School BBQ: Sadly, our annual Back-to-School Community BBQ will be cancelled due to COVID-19. Students will get their class schedules the first day of school. 

First days: The first day for 6th grade students is Monday, August 17th (we call it “Morey-entation”). Our 6th graders will use this day to orient themselves to the building, learn how to use lockers, and build community with their classmates. The first day for 7th & 8th graders is Tuesday, August 18th. 

Electives: Being a small school, we only have four elective classes for each grade level. Students will not need to pick their electives this year. All students will receive all four electives at some point in the school year. 

School Start/End Times: Over the summer, Morey’s bell times were slightly changed as a way to help the district streamline transportation services and save money. The adjusted start time is now 7:40 am and the end time of 2:58 pm. 

Download the Morey App: Morey uses the Flyer School App for much of its communication. If you don’t already have the Flyer App, download it (it’s free) to your device. Then click the + sign to add a school and search “Morey.” Once you’ve added Morey, you’ll get the most up-to-date information. 

School Calendar: Even though Morey is an innovation school, we follow the Denver Public Schools calendar. The only exception is the last day of school for Morey is Thursday, May 27th, instead of the half day most DPS students have on 5/28. 

School Supply List: Please see following post on this website.

In-Person Registration Options: 

Thursday, August 6th: 3 pm to 7:00 pm in East Gym Friday, August 7th: 8 am to 11 am in East Gym 

Calendar of Events

July 13 First PTO meeting (online) August 6 & 7 In-person registration (if unable to do it online) August 17 First full day for 6th graders ONLY August 18 First full day for all students September 7 Labor Day – No School 

September 15 Back-to-School Night (in-person or virtual, TBD) 

Communication: We mainly communicate 3 different ways: 

  1. Weekly email and phone message called, “The Friday Things To Know.” 2. The Flyer App (as mentioned above) 3. Facebook – 

We also have a school website,, that has a lot of overall information, but not the day-to-day events and news. Among other things, you can get information on: 

  • School Supply List (in the following post) 
  • School start and end times (7:40 am to 2:58 pm) 
  • Student systems and procedures 
  • Student handbook 
  • Information about our staff 
  • Carpool information – – SchoolPool – password Morey Mustangs 
  • Link to add lunch money to your child’s account 

Please keep your telephone and email contact information up to date. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I registered online. Do I still need to come into the school? Nope! You can do everything online this year including verifying student information, paying school fees, ordering PE uniforms and applying for free & reduced lunch status. You could also call the front office at 720-424-0700 and someone will direct you to the right people. 

How do I pay for school fees online? Fees may be paid for through In July, Ms. Katie Mohr, our school secretary, will invoice your student for school fees. This should generate an email notification to you with a link and directions for how to access MySchoolBucks and pay for those fees. 

When does school start this year? 

August 17, 7:40 am – 2:58 pm for 6th graders only August 18, 7:40 am – 2:58 pm for all students 

Why do 6th graders start earlier than 7th and 8th grade students? Middle school can be a little intimidating for 6th grade students. Having a special day for 6th graders gives these students an opportunity to orient to school prior to starting classes. 

What are the school office hours? The office hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you need to reach someone after hours, please leave a voicemail in the main office and the appropriate person will receive the message the next morning. 

When is Back-to-School Night at Morey? It is Tuesday, September 15th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Traditionally, this has been an opportunity for families to hear from school leadership, visit your child’s schedule, and hear about new and ongoing programs at Morey. With COVID-19, we are unsure if this event will be offered in-person or virtually. 

My child receives free and/or reduced lunch. Do I need to re-apply? Yes, you will need to go to and fill out an online form. You’ll need to know your child’s 6-digit DPS ID number to complete the application. If you need any help with the application, please contact our cafeteria manager Rose at 720-339-9247 or email at

My child is in the HGT program. How can I learn more about this program? There will be an Highly Gifted & Talented Parent Orientation Night held one evening in the last week of September. Once we get the date finalized on our schedule, we’ll send out more information. Ms. Bertie Fiz, our HGT Coordinator, is also someone you could reach out for help with questions at or 720-424-0706. 

When will my child receive his/her schedule? Your child’s schedule will be provided on the first day of school. Even though you may be able to see the child’s schedule on Parent Portal, we anticipate the schedule will frequently change to accommodate the newest COVID health regulations. What you see in early August may not be the real schedule until the first day of school. 

Where can I get more information on Morey’s innovation plan? Morey is an innovation school. We have some waivers through the district that helps us to personalize learning for students. You can find more information on our innovation plan at

What is Morey’s cell phone policy? Students cannot carry a phone anywhere in the school building during school hours. Cell phones are to be locked in newly-renovated student lockers or left at home. This is the fourth year of our “no cell phones” policy. If parents need to reach their child, they call the main office, and we’ll bring the child to the office. 

How do I pay for lunches? Lunches may be paid for through Once you’re logged in, you will select “Cafeteria” to load money onto your child’s account. 

Do I need to purchase school supplies? The school supply list can be found on the Morey website ( and should also be included with this letter. Our PTO is also selling EduKits at EduKits should be delivered in time for the first day of school. 

What other enrichment opportunities will be available DURING the school day? Students have several opportunities for enrichment unique to Morey Middle School: Discovery Seminar, and Spring Discovery Week. 

  • Discovery Seminar Students will have an opportunity to participate in a weekly enrichment class, known as Discovery Seminars. These classes are based upon unique staff skill sets and passions and will be offered dependent upon the level of student interest. Classes will begin the second week of September. Students will take a different Discovery Seminar each quarter. 
  • Spring Discovery Week 

During Spring Discovery Week, students participate in four days of exploration of exciting opportunities (second to last week of May). The goal is to provide students with unique experiences they might not normally have an opportunity to engage in outside of school, ranging from international trips, to touring unique spaces in Denver; from playing in a rock band to outdoor adventure experiences in the mountains. Teachers develop a four-day experience based on their passions and interests; students have an opportunity to vote for the ones they most want offered. Based on interest, students then sign up for those Discovery opportunities that most appeal to them. 

What other enrichment opportunities will be available AFTER the school day? Ms. Sierra Perez will continue to offer After School Homework Club from 3:10 – 5:30 every day for $75 per month for families needing a later school pick up time. At this time, we are unsure when we can begin hosting after-school activities with COVID, but will communicate with families once we hear guidance. 

PTO is organizing more club options for this year, like foreign language, karate, band, gardening, etc. More information on all clubs will be available by registration time in August. 

There are some low-cost or free after-school programs in our community. Open Door and cityWild are two different organizations that can pick up kids from Morey and drive them to their locations. If you have questions about after-school options, call Assistant Principal Monique Roberts-Gibson at 720-424-0724. 

What kind of sports are offered at Morey? We have the typical seasonal sports other DPS middle schools offer: flag football, cross country, softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, basketball. For questions about athletics, please contact our Athletic Director, Shana Wilhelm, at

How do I notify the school if my child is absent? 

  • Please call the Morey Middle School attendance line at 720-424-0736. The attendance line is available 24 hours a day. 
  • Students who are tardy to school should always report to the main office for a tardy slip. 

Can I speak with the nurse about my student’s medical needs? Our school nurse Debra Kirk. The nurse’s office phone number is 720-424-0709. 

How can I get involved in the school community? Morey encourages parents/ guardians to actively participate in their children’s education. The Parent-Teacher Organization will host an informational recruitment night in the first few weeks of school. Be on the lookout for more information about that night. Please consider attending to learn about the many school volunteer opportunities. 

Our Collaborative School Leadership Team provides opportunities for families to have a hand in important decision-making and monitoring, including budget, hiring decisions, and school climate matters. The CSLT replaces the Collaborative School Committee that is present in many schools, and is part of our innovation plan. 

How can I learn more about and provide feedback on the school direction? “Coffee with the Principal” is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the school and plans for the school. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with the principals and directors. In general, these coffees are scheduled for every other Friday morning from 8:00-9:00 am. Some of the coffees are at Morey and some will be in different locations around the city to accommodate families that do not live nearby. Be in the habit of checking the Flyer App and “Friday Things to Know” for information on those dates and locations. 

Please feel free to contact me regarding additional questions or concerns. I am so excited to partner with you in support your child’s education during the 2020-21 school year. Go Mustangs! 

Hillary Niebauer

Principal Morey Middle School


20-21 School Supply List


Morey Middle School 

School Supply List

Three 1- or 2-inch binders 

  • Inside this binder, students will need to have 1 hole-punched pocket folder (total of 3).

Students should bring the following daily:

  • Pencil Pouch 
  • 24 Pencils – #2 only with eraser 
  • 4 Highlighters
  • 10 Pens – Blue or Black
  • Notebook Paper
  • 3 Spiral Notebooks
  • 2 Composition Books
  • Graph Paper


Shared Supplies for classroom – please provide to your Advisory teacher

  • 3 Boxes of Tissues
  • 1 Ream of Copy Paper
  • 2 boxes of #2 Pencils 
  • Clorox Wipes
  • 1 Pack Dry Erase Markers
  • Scissors
  • Optional, Ruler (with both metric and standard systems)


If you can pick up any extra items on this list and donate them to our school supply room, we greatly appreciate it.  The summer sales can be fantastic savings!  Our Greatest Need is #2 Pencils, Notebook Paper, #2 Pencils, Colored Pencils, Markers, #2 Pencils, Copy Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Pack Fine Point Black Sharpies, Pallette, #2 Pencils, and Spiral Notebooks.  (We may also need pencils). Turn in donations to the front office, please.


Black Lives Matter letter to Families

June 3, 2020


Dear Morey Community Members,

Morey Middle Schools stands with Denver Public Schools in denouncing Anti-Black violence in our nation. The violence observed through the murders of not only Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, but also in the deaths of Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner and the many other Black Americans demonstrates the systemic injustices that disproportionately impact the Black community.


We hear the hurt within the Black community, and it is our responsibility to respond to injustices head on, and teach our students how to do the same.


Morey has served the diverse Denver community for 98 years, and we will continue to do so for generations to come. We will not tolerate these injustices and must continue to educate our students, our staff and ourselves to dismantle these realities our community members face.


Here is our initial plan to change the mindsets and patterns that perpetuate systemic injustice towards our Black students:

  1. Focus our strategic planning efforts to align with DPS’ Black Excellence Resolution
  2. Initiate a school-wide book study on racial equity and justice in schools
  3. Creating a student-led union where students can process social injustices and create meaningful action
  4. Utilize our mental health team to support concurrent and residual trauma from lived inequitable experiences
  5. Institute community forums and feedback on our work
  6. Facilitating community-building events led by our 99th Council students
  7. Collaborating with local and national Black leaders


To all our African American students, staff, and community members: you matter. Black Lives Matter. We see you, and we support you.



Hillary Niebauer

Morey Middle School


MJ Roberts

Assistant Principal
Morey Middle School


Matthew Lunger

Dean of Culture

Morey Middle School