Morey Volunteers

Ways to Volunteer!


We may be a small school, but we have big ambitions in what we want to provide for our kids at Morey. Below are the “big ideas” that Morey and PTO would love help with this year. If any of these topics interest you, please reach out to the listed contact person to get more information about how you could donate your expertise, time, or resources.


  1. Library Volunteers–  Can you donate an hour or two a week to working in the school library checking out books to kids or shelving books? If you can help, please contact Anne Spires DeLong at .


  1. Campus Clean-up Project – Morey’s landscaping on Emerson Ave. is a little run down and dated. We’re looking for help 1) re-designing the landscaping, 2) getting materials like plants, trees, mulch and 3) getting a bunch of people to come to school on a Saturday and dig up the old and plant the new. If interested, contact PTO at .


  1. Sponsorships & Partnerships – Parents with an interest or experience with grant writing or corporate/business sponsorship are needed to assist with developing a comprehensive community partnership program.  If interested, please reach out to Sara Reynolds at .


  1. Community Day – Can you help us plan a half-day of community-building where students engage in tasks and activities meant to break down the roadblocks of separation and isolation that impact so many of our middle school students? If interested, contact Sarah Knapp at .


  1. Leadership Lock-in – Several years ago, parents came together to plan and facilitate an overnight school lock-in for Morey students. Students came Friday evening, went to multiple breakout sessions on how to be a leader, slept in the gym, and were picked up the next morning. This one event had a lasting impact on kids throughout the year. It was one of their favorite memories of that year. If interested in helping, contact PTO at .


  1. Student Council – We need a few parents to coordinate and work with student council members several hours a month. This would be investing in student leadership, helping lead student-created school improvement efforts, helping plan school dances, etc. If you are interested, please contact Mai-Lan Huynh at


  1. Room Parent – Want to be a room parent of a SUCCESS Seminar Advisory class? Room parents could help with bulletin board decorations, do fun challenges like door decorating, or other teacher needs one hour a week. If you can help with this, please email Mai-Lan Huynh at


  1. Fundraising Generators – Past efforts to generate fundraising have not had the maximum results. We are looking for people with great ideas of how to increase fundraising as a whole school. If this interests you, contact PTO at .