How Can I Help Morey without spending any money?

If I don’t have any free time?

King Soopers/Safeway reloadable gift cards that are linked to Morey will give Morey $5 for every $100 you spend on groceries, gas and even liquor. It adds up fast – if just 100 families spend $100 per week each the payout to Morey would be $26,000 per year.

Box Tops – Collect your box tops for education from all sorts of packaged groceries and send them to school. All those little 10 cent squares can really add up.

Target Red Card – Designate your Target Red Card debit or credit card for Morey Middle School and Target will donate 1% of your purchases back to Morey. Don’t have a red card? If you shop at Target you should have one – you get 5% off all your purchases when you use it – you can open an account the next time you shop.

Amazon Smiles – When you need to get something from Amazon do it from Amazon Smiles instead. Designate Friends of Morey as your beneficiary and Amazon sends us back 1/2%. Amazon Smile

If I only have a little time?

If you want to make a difference at Morey, we welcome your help. We have volunteer opportunities to fit whatever time you have. If you have 1 hour once a year, or once a month or once a week. We know you probably worked hard to make your elementary school a better place and we need your help here too. Fill out our volunteer intake form or just send us an email at We will help you find your own way to help our community.

If I have a lot of time?

We know you may be burned out from all your hard work in elementary school – but this is your community now and even though it seems like a stop over on the way to high school, this community needs you. And, since your pre-adolescent may not share much with you, getting involved is a great way to stay in the loop. Your student may not want to see you in the hallways, but they will thank you for making their school a better place so join us. We have lots of committees that need chairing and are always looking for new ideas on how to Do More for Morey! Again, fill out our volunteer intake form or just email us at