Head Coach Amy Trujillo

Assistant Coach Aiden Nichols


Baseball tryouts will be on held on Monday 4/11/19 and Tuesday 4/12/19  -weather permitting. Please bring a glove, proper shoes and gear to use for tryouts. All athletes must have a current doctors physical, parent permission and emergency contact information form filled out in order to participate.  This form is located on the athletic board outside of the main office and at this link:

A 25.00 pay-to-play fee is required if you make the team.


Schedule of Games

Morey Baseball 2019

Date Away Team Home Team Location Time
3/20/19 Skinner Morey Congress Park 4:00
3/22/19 Morey Moore Congress Park 4:00
4/4/19 Morey Denver West West HS 4:00
4/8/19 Morey Lake Lake 4:00
4/15/19 Morey Grant Ranch Grant Ranch 4:00
4/18/19 Kepner Morey Congress Park 4:00
4/22/19 Morey Lake Lake 4:00
4/30/19 Playoffs Begin