Summit Learning Resources


Please attend Morey Middle School’s Summit Information Night on October 8, 2020. During that meeting Morey leadership will share information on how to navigate the learning platform, the reasons behind why we use Summit and how to interact with your child about the work that is housed on Summit.

Below are some resources for families should they like support before our annual Summit Information Night.



Here are the links to two presentations for parents and guardians to better understand the grading process in Summit. They are slightly dated. During the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, 100% of grades will be based on projects. When we return in person, we’ll add back Power Focus Areas as it makes sense.

This first video discusses how teachers grade the different components of learning and why this grading process is used. The second one provides tips for understanding their child’s past and current progress.

Summit Grading: The Approach and Its Benefits

Summit Platform Grading: How Parents can Support their Child