Morey’s On-Track/Off-Track Program

Attendance, Behavior, and rates of Coursework completion are all indicators for college and career readiness. At Morey, we believe that students should be rewarded when they demonstrate commitment to these values. Students are expected to earn the following each quarter:

  • 95% Attendance
  • Passing all classes with all work completed
  • All behavior referrals made up

Each quarter, students will be rewarded with a field trip or other valuable experience for students who are “on track” as indicated above. Additionally, there will be “surprise” incentives and rewards throughout each quarter. Success Seminar teachers will meet with students for mentoring and will advise students regarding on track / off track progress. Students who are “off track” at any point during a quarter will have an opportunity to get back on track by making up time or assignments or completing community service with a positive attitude.

Any absence, excused or unexcused, will count toward the 95% attendance goal. Absences due to religious holidays, funerals, or medically documented illnesses lasting longer than three days are exempt.