Boys Soccer

Fall 2017

Coach: Chris Herrmann

Assistant Coach: Brad Goldsberg

Phone: 720-424-0752


Practice: Tuesday, Thursday from 3:05-4:45. I will do my best to honor your time and make sure that practice is finished by 4:45. I do ask that you can do your best to pick your son up on time as well. Attendance at practice may affect playing time in our games.

Games: Our games will be composed of two 30 minutes halves with a 10-minute halftime in between. Not all the players will get even playing time, but I will do my best to be fair to everyone. During games I believe that it is the role of the parents to be positive and supportive and any behavior directed at the officials or the other team will not be tolerated. If you have any concerns at all please contact me via email or phone. It is difficult to have serious conversations directly after games while trying to round up the students and the equipment and making sure everyone is getting home safely. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.


Morey Athletic Game Schedule 2017 Early Fall

Boys Soccer

Date Away Team Home Team Location Time
9/11/17 Morey Lake Hallack Park 4:00
9/21/17 Morey Moore Congress Park 4:00
9/22/17 Skinner Morey Congress Park 4:00
9/27/17 B. Webster Morey Congress Park 4:00
10/2/17 Morey Denver West West HS 4:00
10/5/17 Denver West Morey Congress Park 4:00
10/6/17 B. Webster Morey Congress Park 4:00
Playoffs begin 10/9/17